Our home, your agritourism in Salento

VISTA PORTICO 2The building where you can be accomodated has a traditional design of a truncated pyramid structure covered with natural stones, characteristic of the Salentinian dry stone huts known locally as “pajare” or “trulli” salentini. It is surrounded by a wooden porch where you can sit com-fortably and take a moment’s break in the shade.

Inside the agritourism there are four two-room suites as well as two one-room suites with ensuite bathrooms. All materials used in construction are natural: wooden doorframes and local stone floors. Adjacent to the rooms and suites you will find the dining-room and wide open spaces with centuries-year-old olive trees creating through light and shade natural sculptures which are a sight for sore eyes.

The colossal thousand-year-old olive tree is an almost unique exemplar that was likely a step on the road for pilgrims walking to Santa Maria di Leuca when passing on the way through Ugento. The wide paths in the agritourism as well as being perfect for a leisurely stroll are an ideal route for long bike rides.

Courses available

The agritourism organizes both sailing and boating trips for its guests with guaranteed and accredited centres. Pictorial decoration courses for groups of minimum 7-10 people are also offered. Children are welcome and specific activities for children include painting, gardening and cooking courses (for a minimum of 5 children).